General Dentistry IN Spring, Texas

It doesn’t matter how old or young you happen to be, maintaining your dental health is always important. Prestige Dental has you and your family covered, Whether you’re having issues with your teeth or you’re just trying to stay ahead of the curve. From routine checkups to root canals, you’ll be taken care of quickly, comfortably and effectively.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Long gone are the days of metallic fillings spotting the surface of your teeth. The composite resin that’s commonly used now is almost indistinguishable from the tooth, and more closely mimics the natural qualities of your teeth.

Oral Exams

Regular oral exams paired with cleanings are the best way to prevent decay and avoid having major issues with your dental health. Remember what they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Teeth Cleaning

There are things that brushing and flossing just can’t achieve. Over time, it becomes necessary to remove these buildups, as they can cause severe decay to your teeth if left unchecked.


Scaling & Root Planing

Over time plaque and tartar can build up beneath the gum line leading to gum disease. Scaling involves removing the buildup that is present below the gumline, and planing smooths out the surface of the root so that your gums can reattach to the tooth.


Root Canal Therapy

If a tooth is very badly decayed or damaged, a root canal may be deemed necessary. During this process, the nerve and pulp of a tooth are removed to clean the inside of the tooth. The tooth is then sealed to prevent the entry of any bacteria that could lead to infection.

Tooth Extractions

If a root canal is not a viable option, then extraction may be something that is discussed with your dentist. This is generally a final option, as having a missing tooth can throw off the entire balance of your mouth. Rest assured though, that we will always strive to make sure you are making an educated decision on your dental health.



No matter the reason for your visit, we strive to provide the best care in a comfortable environment. Experience dental care without judgment, and let us lend our expertise in helping you find a course of action that you’re comfortable with. Take the first step towards an enviously perfect smile today.