Dr. Shih-Jye “CJ” Yei

Dr. Shih-Jye “CJ” Yei was born in Taiwan, but grew up locally in League City, Texas. During high school, he led his church youth group worship team for 4 years and played sports competitively.

He attended Texas A&M University – College Station, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with honors and graduated being on the Dean’s List. Dr. Yei pursued his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio and received his Doctorate degree in 2015.

After graduation, Dr. Yei worked alongside 3 board-certified pediatric dentists honing his skills in pediatric dentistry. From taking over hundreds of hours of continuing education courses to learning different specialties of dentistry, Dr. Yei invests a lot into his dental expertise. He prides himself on educating his patients and providing long lasting work. Dr. Yei believes in treating his patients as if they are his family and is super excited to serve local communities!

In his downtime, Dr. Yei enjoys going to the gym, traveling,
improving himself, spending time with his loved ones and helping others when he can.

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Dr. CJ Yei is a skilled implant dentist who has been teaching Hiossen Implant Courses with Dr. Lastimado, who is the clinical director for Hiossen Implant. These courses help dentists learn how to place implants, and Dr. Yei’s experience is invaluable in teaching others. In addition to his skills as an implant dentist, Dr. Yei is also establishing himself as a leader in the field. He is passionate about helping other dentists learn and experience implants, and his knowledge and expertise are making a difference in the lives of many. He has now taken over hundreds of continuing education hours with Dr. Marcus Lastimado, including advanced implant surgeries to all on 4 training. It has been an honor for Dr. Yei to be able to help other doctors in their journey into the dental implant world.

Advanced Dental Implant

Research & Education

Dr. Yei is a member of Advanced Dental Implant Research & Education, an organization that promotes excellence in implant dentistry through research, education, and communication. Dr. Yei has access to the latest evidence-based research on dental implants, as well as educational resources and networking opportunities. Doctor Yei is able to stay at the forefront of implant dentistry and provide his patients with the best possible care.

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