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If you’ve lost some or all of your teeth, you may be looking for the ideal tooth replacement or restorative dentistry options. Partial dentures are one popular solution that can help you regain your smile. Partial dentures are made to look like natural teeth and blend in with the rest of your teeth. They’re usually made of acrylic or metal, and they’re custom-fitted to your mouth. Partial dentures can be removable or permanently attached to your natural teeth.

What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures are a removable dental appliance used to replace missing teeth. They are made of acrylic resin, metal or a combination of both. They attach to your natural teeth with clasps or precision attachments. Partial dentures can be taken out and put back into your mouth easily.

Who benefits from partial dentures?

People who benefit from partial dentures are those who have lost some, but not all of their teeth. Partial dentures can be used to fill in the gaps left by missing teeth, and they can also prevent the remaining teeth from shifting out of place. Partial dentures are usually made of plastic or metal, and they are attached to the natural teeth with clasps or brackets.

Partial Dentures in Spring, TX

Frequently Asked Questions About Partial Denturres

What is the average cost of partial dentures in Spring, TX?

Partial dentures can range in price from $1,200 to $1,500 depending on the type of partial denture and the materials used. Generally, the more expensive the partial denture, the longer it will last.

Does my insurance cover the cost of partial dentures in Spring, TX?

Many dental insurance plans cover a portion of the cost of a partial denture. If you are not covered by dental insurance, we offer payment plans or financing options for qualifying patients.

Are there other fees before I get dentures?

There are other fees before you get dentures. If you need teeth pulled,your dentist may charge an additional fee for the tooth extraction. The good news is that many dental insurance plans cover the cost of tooth extractions. Prestige Dental even offers financing options to make paying for your new smile more affordable. 

How long do partial dentures last?

Partial dentures can last between 10 and 15 years with proper care. This includes keeping them clean (by brushing and rinsing them after each use) and storing them in a denture case when not in use. It’s also important to have regular checkups with your dentist so that he or she can make sure the dentures are still fitting well and aren’t causing any damage to your gums or teeth.

How to properly care for partial dentures?

  • Remove your partial dentures every night.
  • Clean your partial dentures daily with a soft toothbrush and mild soap.
  • Soak your partial dentures in a cleaning solution recommended by your dentist at least once a week.
  • Be sure to rinse your partial dentures thoroughly before putting them back in your mouth.
  • See your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings.
  • Handle your partial dentures carefully to avoid breaking them.

Do partial dentures stay in?

Many people wonder whether or not partial dentures stay in place. The answer is that they can, but it depends on the individual case. Partial dentures work by attaching a set of artificial teeth to natural teeth in the mouth, and they are held in place through a combination of suction and clamping. In some cases, the partial denture might also be glued to the natural teeth for added stability. As long as the partial denture is properly fitted and secured, it should stay in place during normal eating and drinking activities.

What are the best partial dentures to get?

The best partial dentures to get are  ones that are made of high-quality materials and fit well. You should also consider getting dentures that are designed to look natural.

If you’re looking for partial dentures that are both high-quality and look natural, you’ll want to consider getting ones made of porcelain. Porcelain partial dentures are strong and durable, so they’ll last long. Additionally, porcelain can be tinted to match the color of your natural teeth, so your dentures will blend in seamlessly.