Pediatric Dentistry

While we pride ourselves on the quality of all our work, we take special pride in helping children build a positive outlook on visiting the dentist. Let us not only build your child’s trust but help educate them on dental health. An early start is the best way to prevent childhood tooth decay and the lifetime of problems that may follow. Trust the team at Prestige Dental when it comes to finding a dentist not just for yourself, but for your entire family.

If your child still hasn’t had their first visit, then there are still steps you can take to prevent early decay: 

  • Be sure to rinse your child’s mouth with water, or wipe their teeth down with a damp cloth after feeding. Allowing residue to stay on the teeth will cause decay due to the sugars in milk, formula, and juices. 
  • Start training with the toothbrush as soon as the first tooth is visible. It’s never too early to start a good habit!
  • Be sure to assist your child while brushing, it will take time for them to develop the necessary dexterity to brush effectively alone.
  • Work towards the goal of your child being weaned from the bottle by their first birthday. This will help prevent decay and promote proper alignment.
  • Last but not least, be sure to avoid sugary food and drinks. 

Have questions about a certain procedure in mind? Read more about common pediatric dental procedures here.

Countering Anxiety

Visits to the Dentist’s office can be tense for young children, especially if they’ve had a bad experience in the past. Prestige Dental will work with your child to build their trust and help them to understand the importance of dental health. Although sedation is an option in emergencies, we prefer to address the root of the issue and build a solid relationship.

Oral Exams For Infants

Beginning the routine of maintaining dental health is best started early. We recommend the first visit to be around your child’s first birthday. If routine exams are started early, it becomes much easier to monitor and maintain your child’s teeth.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride can help to reduce the risk of tooth decay in your children by remineralizing areas where decay is still in its early stages. While fluoride is a very important part of your child’s treatment, there is still no replacement for proper dental hygiene and routine checkups



The frenum is the small muscular tissues connecting both your lips the gums, and your tongue to the floor of your mouth. Sometimes these can interfere with everyday actions such as eating or speaking. A frenectomy is a very simple procedure, and can significantly increase the quality of life in certain individuals.

Pediatric Sealants

Sealants are a great way to help prevent tooth decay in your children by lightly coating the teeth rendering them easier to clean. This procedure is quick and painless, with no need for anesthesia.

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)

SDF is an extremely effective way to stop tooth decay that has already begun in young children. While this won’t reverse any damage already present, the treatment is very effective at mitigating it. We can help you with evaluation and deciding if this treatment is proper for your child. 

Pediatric Root Canals

If decay has progressed too deeply into your child’s tooth, there still may be an opportunity to salvage the tooth with a root canal. Since prematurely losing teeth can cause issues from chewing problems to speech development saving the tooth is very important.

Pediatric Tooth Extractions

Sometimes tooth extractions are necessary due to decay or in preparation for orthodontic hardware. As in any situation, the team at Prestige Dental will be sure to work closely with you to find the treatment that your family finds most suitable.


No matter the reason for your visit, we strive to provide the best care in a comfortable environment. Experience dental care without judgment, and let us lend our expertise in helping you find a course of action that you’re comfortable with. Take the first step towards an enviously perfect smile today.