Managing Your Privacy

Know About Our Legal Duty


We believe in maintaining the privacy policy of your health information. Therefore, your Smile Avenue Family Dentistry practice is required by applicable federal and state laws just like your other medical practices. We will also provide you with all the details regarding our legal duties, privacy practices and all your rights related to your health information. It is quite necessary to abide by the privacy practices that are explained here until the time they are valid. We reserve the right to change our privacy practices and the terms of this notice at any time, only if such changes are permitted by applicable law. After making the necessary changes, we will make the new notice available if requested. You can ask for it anytime. You can directly contact us for more information.

An Insight into Health Information


We reveal and use all the health information related to your payments, treatments and healthcare operations.



In order to receive payments of the services which we will provide you, we will be using and disclosing your health details.



Your health information will be revealed to the physician/dentist, students and all those who will be treating you.



You can give us a written note on using your health details for payment procedures, treatments and healthcare operations. We will not proceed until and unless you hand it over to us.



Your health information might get used or disclosed. It includes improvement activities, quality assessment, reviewing the competence and so on.



In order to help you out with your healthcare, we will will provide your health information to your family and friends. This will also help with the payment procedure. However, we will not go ahead with it until and unless you give us a green signal.



We may also reveal you heal information to another person who is responsible for your care, he/she could be your personal representative as well. You can raise an objection if you do not want us to go forward with it.



We may use the information of patients and contact you so that we can do a survey on the patient’s experience. This will help us in understanding what you have liked about our services and where we can improve.

We can also ask a third-party service provider to get in touch with you on our behalf for doing the survey.

We will only send emails that are useful for and the ones which you want to receive. You will get an option of opting out whenever you receive a new email.



Cookies are stored on the user’s computer by the website, they happen to be encrypted texts. Our website also utilizes the technology of “cookie”. They help our website to recall all the information which comes to us. Cookies figure out the measured usage of several pages on a website and make our information more relevant.

They also provide functionalities such as payments of bills and online appointing.

We use two types of cookies, “persistent” cookies and “session” cookies. Persistent cookies stay on your system until and unless you delete them while session cookies get deleted right after you exit from your website. We do not take the help of cookies to fetch your personally identifiable information but the ones which you provide us by yourself.



We can reveal the health details of Armed Forces to military authorities if certain circumstances emerge. We may also disclose lawful and counterintelligence health information to authorized federal officials.



We can revel your health detail if we figure out that you are a victim of any form of abuse. We will do so to save you from further threats.



Your health details won’t be used for fundraising activities until and unless you ask us to do so.



We will have to disclose or use the information related to your health if the law requires us to do so.


Your health information can get revealed or used to notify you about the appointments.

The Rights of the Patients



You will be allowed to take a look at your health information copies with limited exceptions. You can request us to provide copies in a format except for photocopies. We might charge for providing dental records and X-Rays.



We will tell you about the times where your health information has got disclosed. We might charge you if you ask for it more than once within a period of one year.



If you want, you can request us to raise restrictions on disclosing your health information. We are not supposed to abide by the extra restrictions, therefore, we will follow our agreement if we do so.



Let us know if you want us to communicate with you regarding your health through alternative means. You must request for it in writing where you need to specify the other means of communicating.



You will be provided with a notification of breach of unsafe PHI as instructed by the law.



If you tell us, we will amend your health details. You need to file this request in writing, also mention the reason behind it.


If you get this particular notice via mail or on our website, you will also receive it in writing.


In order to get more information on our privacy practices, you call HIPPA Compliance Officer at (832) 648-1756 .

You can send us a written note to HIPAA Compliance Officer if you do not agree with our privacy policy or if you feel that we have violated any of the terms. You can also let us know if you don’t like our decision of getting an access to your health details or the way we handle your response to a request which was made by you to restrict the usage of your health details or for using alternative options for connecting with you. You can also write to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, we will give the address if you raise a request.

You are bound to maintain the right of your health information and we strongly believe in that.

What Our Patients Say About Us

Christina Jenkins

My first time here, highly recommend by a friend. Brought my 2 sons in to have dental work done, not only was it so clean, all the Ladies at the front were so Friendly and helpful. Really makes you feel comfortable and the Dentist, Dr.Yei was fantastic coming from the mouth of my Sons. I will recommend this Dentist Office to everyone. Thank you for taking care of my Family. Will be back for the follow ups. Christina

Katie Fender

Best experience I've ever had. The staff was very sweet and offered water and coffee! The office was clean and elegant. The Dr. was by far the best I've ever been to. He took the time to explain everything to me and made me comfortable. Will be bringing my kids for their check ups!

Kimberly Leonard

This is a GREAT place and have already recommended several of my friends and family to come here. Very nice staff, Dr. Yei Is very gentle and understanding of my autistic son and take the time to explain everything to him and very patient.

Rose Charm

Very understandable staff I had an emergency and wanted my tooth extraction they were super helpful I call for same day appointment but she told me to walk in at 12pm and they will take care of me between schedule patients. They did got me in and very helpful and Professionally took care of me.

Adalberto Hernandez

Dr. Yei was very knowledgeable, kind and he explained everything thoroughly to me. He was gentle and good with shots. I barely felt anything. Treatment went really well and I cannot wait to finish the rest of of them. I highly recommend this office to anyone in Cleveland looking for a dentist and good welcoming staff.

Veronica Hernandez​

Dr. Yei is great. He took his time explaining everything to me and made me feel really comfortable. His staff is awesome too. They’re all super friendly and caring. I definitely recommend for anyone who are in need of a dental office!

Melissa Erickson

Dr Yei is kind and compassionate. He is very knowledgeable and I know my kids are getting the best care now! Jeanine and Tiffany, the front office staff, were very helpful and kind. The dental assistants Rosa, Karen, and Enedina were each kind and very capable! It's a very refreshing change after going to AtoZ Dental for years! Thanks you guys for being amazing!


    No matter the reason for your visit, we strive to provide the best care in a comfortable environment. Experience dental care without judgment, and let us lend our expertise in helping you find a course of action that you’re comfortable with. Take the first step towards an enviously perfect smile today.