Restorative Dentistry

If you have missing teeth then you could end up with more problems than the initial inconvenience makes it seem. There are several options for you to restore your mouth to its original state since your mouth is very finely tuned to operate with the set of teeth you began with. If you or a family member requires dental restoration, let us help you explore your options and devise a plan to make your teeth as good as new.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a section of artificial teeth that can be utilized to bridge the gap left behind by lost or extracted teeth. Just knowing you have a gap there can be upsetting, but there are even bigger problems that could arise. If teeth begin to shift you can experience a range of problems from gum disease to speech problems. 

Bridges Vs Standalone Implants

What Makes Dental Implants Different?

Dental implants help to bridge the gap left behind by missing teeth as well, but in a different manner than a bridge. Instead of bridging a gap left by multiple teeth, dental implants replace an individual tooth only. Implants require a titanium post to be implanted in the socket left behind by the extracted tooth. After the healing process is completed, an artificial tooth is then placed on top of the post.


No matter the reason for your visit, we strive to provide the best care in a comfortable environment. Experience dental care without judgment, and let us lend our expertise in helping you find a course of action that you’re comfortable with. Take the first step towards an enviously perfect smile today.